The 10,000 hour rule


In the book Outliers, author Malcolm Gladwell says that it takes roughly ten thousand hours of practice to achieve mastery in a field. If the conclusion is true, how can we leverage this idea to achieve greatness in our field? There is logic behind why some people become successful, and it has more to do with dedication and practise than genetics or even opportunity.

The Science behind it

After analyzing countless developmental patterns and searching for a common thread amongst successful people, science has proven that there is no such thing as a gifted child. There are only opportunities that allow people to capitalize on their passion through 10,000 hours of practise, time and dedication to perfecting and understand every aspect, every little secret involved in mastering that passion. This is what will separate a moderate performance from an extraordinary one.


Planning is key

Keep a journal and document everything. Your plan should include training sessions, to specific drills or goals you have for each session. Remember to keep it reasonable. Gradual improvement will keep you motivated and inspired to keep pushing beyond all barriers that you thought were possible for yourself.

Beyond the practise

There is no sure-fire ticket to the NBA or NFL, but if this doesn’t get you there, nothing will. You have to understand that beyond the science is an understanding that the practise goes hand and hand with the desire to become better every day. Think about your goals; this will help you focus your training and give you something for which to work. Your goals don’t need to be anything lofty and they shouldn’t be unattainable, which could make you quit.


Balance it out 

Some people thrive on intense involvement in one area of their life, while others have more areas of interest, like academics, or having a personal life. Find the level of participation that works for you. Take your cues from the people around you, and above all else trust your intuition. Make sure that the limits that are set are ones that everyone around you can agree on.