Powered by Athelite Basketball, the top academy in the province, our multi-stage academy program is designed for those athletes that are looking for additional hands on skills training and learning fundamental movements of basketball. As the athletes progress, there is a gradual transition from teaching the fundamental movements of the game to highly specialized training. Classes are either once a week or twice a week. Specific times and dates are below.

Academy Programs:

  1. Tykes Academy (kg-gr. 1)
  2. FUNdamentals Academy (grade 2-5)
  3. Skills Academy (grade 6-7)
  4. High School Academy (grade 8-10)

Tykes Academy (kg-gr.1)

An introduction to basketball, the tykes co-ed program will teach basic basketball fundamentals of dribbling, passing and shooting through fun game play. Our main focus is on providing a fun and enjoyable first experience to sport.


Days: Wednesdays
Time: 400pm – 440pm
Seasonal Price – $149.00
*co-ed program

FUNdamentals Academy (Grade 2-5)

The Fundamentals Academy is for boys and girls in grade 2 to grade 5. Kids are split according to age and/or skill level. The primary concentration is placed on developing the ABCs – Agility, Balance, Coordination and Speed mixed in with drills, games and fun competitions.


Days: Fridays
Time: 445pm – 545pm
Seasonal price – $175
*co-ed program

Skills Academy (Grades 6-7)

The Skills Academy is for boys and girls in grade 6 to grade 7 looking to enhance their skills through competitive drills and intense training. Coaches will aim to challenge all players that attend whether you’re a beginner or advanced player.


Tuesdays, 445pm – 600pm
Fridays, 545pm-700pm
Once a week – $199 (12 sessions)
Twice a week – $299 (24 sessions)
*co-ed program

High School Academy (Grade 8-10)

The High School Academy is for boys and girls in grade 8 to grade 10 looking to improve on their basketball skill development and fundamental movements. Athletes will be challenged with advanced drill work and technical components of basketball. We accommodate all skill levels. Players have the option of choosing once or twice a week option.


Days and Times:
Tuesdays: 445pm – 600pm
Fridays: 545pm – 715pm
Once a week – $199 (12 sessions)
Once a week – $299 (24 sessions)
*co-ed program