Prep U is the ultimate combination of sport specific skills training and strength training for the serious athlete trying to take their game to the next level. The on-court skills program is personally designed and run by Surinder Grewal, Owner and director of BC Prep and Athelite Basketball.

Prep U – The Program

The game of basketball has evolved drastically over the past several years at the amateur and professional level. However, the core fundamentals still reign supreme. There are certain body mechanics and movements that cannot be overlooked and are essential building blocks to an athletes success on the hardwood. Now more so than ever it’s imperative that we help build the proper foundation for an athletes long term success.

We have customized training tailored to the needs of the athlete. We will offer honest assessments and feedback to help the athlete improve over the long run. Prep U members will get up to 2 on-court skills sessions and 2 strength training sessions weekly. This is a brand new program that has just launched and will be a year round program designed to help athletes improve every step of the way. Whether it’s pre-season, in-season or off-season, we will work closely to help you be as prepared as possible.

Flexibility in memberships

This program is available for male and female athletes in grade 8 to 12 who will be competing on their respective high school or club team. We also offer Strength ONLY or Skills ONLY options

**We have beginner to intermediate level programs as well if you don’t play high school or club basketball.

How do I become a member?

Please contact Surinder Grewal,, for any additional information about timing and pricing.