Training Academy

BC Prep is proud to launch our 3 stage academy program. The academy curriculum and composition directly correlates to the Long Term Player Development Pathway of Canadian Soccer Association, Provincial Soccer Association, as well as the Canadian Sport Ministry.

Our 3 Academy Programs are:

  1. FUNdamentals Academy (ages 5-8)
  2. T.A.S.Q (ages 8-12)
  3. Prep Academy (ages 13-16)

FUNdamentals Academy (ages 5-8)

The primary concentration is placed on developing the ABCs – Agility, Balance Coordination and Speed. Strength, endurance and flexibility will be developed, but through games and fun activities rather than a training regimen. At this stage, we foster an environment that promotes a child’s ability to learn to “read” the movements going on around them as they begin to learn decision making during games.

T.A.S.Q (ages 8-12)

Technical Agility Speed Quickness is still the main focus as we transition the athletes into more formalized training methods. However, the emphasis will still be on general sports skills suitable to a number of activities.

Our goal is to maximize a sensitive time period of accelerated adaptation to skills training and fine motor control. We understand It is also a time when children enjoy practicing their skills and seeing their own improvement in a positive environment.