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BC Prep is a state-of-the-art basketball sports training facility situated in the vibrant city of Surrey, BC. 


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Spanning an impressive 25,000 square feet, this brand new private training facility is dedicated to nurturing athletes from beginner to professional levels. Located in Surrey, BC, it offers easy accessibility to aspiring basketball players of all ages and skill levels. The facility provides diverse athletic and academic options for a comprehensive training experience, including top-notch basketball programs, a cutting-edge strength training gym, and a refreshing juice bar. BC Prep is unrivaled on the west coast, boasting the only two NBA regulation-sized courts in Surrey. Beyond physical development, the facility focuses on empowering youth through mentorship and leadership skills, thanks to a dedicated team of caring coaches

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We’re deeply passionate about fostering mentorship, cultivating leadership skills, and providing a transformative basketball training experience for athletes of all levels.


BC Prep places a strong emphasis on cultivating a sense of community, encouraging teamwork, and creating a supportive environment for athletes to connect and grow together.


For us commitment is highly regarded as a core value, motivating athletes to embrace dedication and perseverance in their pursuit of excellence on and off the court.


Growth is at the heart of BC Prep, as we strive to encourage continuous improvement, development, and progress for all our athletes, aiming to witness remarkable advancements in their game.


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bc prep (surrey)

The brand new training facility nurtures athletes from beginner to pro levels with diverse academic and athletic options.


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